Domain Names

The domain name is your website's address that visitors type to visit your website on the browser URL bar. In simple words, your domain name will be addres if your website is a house. ( You can create domain name through our blog name generator )

A more comprehensive explanation:

The Internet is a huge computer network connected to one another by a global cable network. Each network computer can communicate with other computers. Each computer will receive an IP address to identify them. There are numbers which identify a certain computer on the internet and those numbers are called ip address. An IP address looks like

It's very hard to remember an IP address such as this. Imagine that to visit your favourite websites you must use these numbers. This problem was solved by inventing domain names.

You don't have to enter a long string of numbers now if you want to visit a website. You can visit it instead by typing in the address bar of your browser an easy-to-record domain name. For example :