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How to name your blog

Blog Goals & Target Market

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It would help if you considered your target audience as the first step in naming your blog. The better you understand the audience or your niche, the easier it will be to find the correct blog name. If you are planning to create a name for the multi-niche blog, then your blog or domain name needs to be abstract. 

However, if you cover a single niche, e.g., Digital marketing, then you need a name related to it. There comes a sub-niche under Digital Marketing like Domain Research or Naming a blog or website. This means you need a name related to this particular niche.

Above all, blogs must be insightful and exciting. You invite people to read your message at a time when the periods of attention are becoming shorter. A simple name like 'My Tech Blog' defines the content of blogs and tells the viewer instantly but demonstrates a lack of originality and imagination that won't get a captive audience.

Finding the right medium is the first step to creating a good blog that relates to your target audience and reveals your artistic side while also being supportive and informative.

Demographic considerations

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Think about your topic. What is your target audience interested in knowing? What details can you include that they will be interested in? And how does your blog name reflect this?

You would like to learn about emerging developments in the industry. For instance, if your blog is about Digital Marketing, you might think about web hosting, WordPress, Graphic Design - which are all current trends.

Your first move is to build a list of terms with corresponding connotations. In this scenario, 'Blogger Walk' would make an exciting word. It is not only related to these trendsetting Tech markets; providing you a wide variety of current affairs and relating to language - " Blogger Walk " means you are about to start a blog. It's quick, easy to remember and imaginative, too.

Stuff to avoid while Naming Your Blog

You want to make sure your blog is clearly understood when it comes to naming your blog. It can, however, also be imaginative and attract readers. Try not to use the apparent tag, but to deal with abstract comparisons, fascinating languages, and wordplay.

Avoid using dashes and avoid using language not understood by people alike. Although it may be smart, complex language is easily overlooked or misunderstood. You also want to strive to establish an original name, which distinguishes your market and is distinct from other similar companies.

Additional items to stop are intentional misspellings. You want to make your name as easy as possible to find online.

Brainstorming Blog Name

Here are several tips to help refine your ideas if you are looking for a name in a particular niche.

Travel Blog Names

Informative, enjoyable and attractive travel blogs should reflect the name. Begin with brainstorming imaginative words about the concept of travel—terms such as Holiday, tour, trip, voyage. Suggest greatness and adventure, but still, make the style of writing lighthearted and fantastic. Make sure that people have faith in the information and advice given so try to avoid something dumb, but use a language which promotes confidence.

Lifestyle Blog Names

A blog about lifestyles should have a name that reflects a carefree, fun and light. Nobody wants to read articles that are depressing on a lifestyle blog; they search for hacks to change their lives or learn positive stuff by reading your blog. Furthermore, as a blog can cover many subjects, including exercise and beauty, the name should be reasonably abstract.

Food Blog Names

The first thing you need to determine is which food chain you will cover. Health foods, Restaurants or Bakery?

If you are concentrating on something unique, such as pasta Hut. This means you want to tell your audience about recipes and restaurants related to pasta. So your blog name should include word "pasta" in it.

Creative Blog Names

There are a wide variety of innovative blog niches like art, graphic design, marketing, illustration, sculpture, writing. A creative blog should discuss a particular creative category, and the name should show clearly the central theme.

One might call an Art blog, ' Crafty'. The word craft implies handmade. It does not mean that it is a strict art blog, but a creative one with everyday things to generate innovative ideas.

Personal Blog Names

We should first describe what we mean by a personal blog. We don't convey the typical adolescent anguish online. You write on a personal blog about something without necessarily any ambitions or particular subjects other than stuff that you and your views care about. Most of the common ones promote online participation and are fun to read. A personal blog can make your first impression. You will show your experience, abilities and interests that will contribute to your career.

However, it can be not easy to develop a loyal readership if you try to find so many people. Thus, concentrating on a specific niche would allow you to interact with your audience more profoundly in the long run.

It is essential to choose a name that accurately shows your interests, passions and styles. For example, you might take subjects you talked about with friends about Tea. The 'A Tea Mug' will make a personal blog title enjoyable.

Beauty Blog Names

You want to think in a beauty blog about using words that includes ideas that surround beauty like polished, elegant, trendy, caring, elegance, appeal, glamour. Many beauty blogs often focus on personal brands, making it very hard to create a name for them.

Famous beauty bloggers also come out of successful beauty professions, such as modeling, fashion designers, maquillage artists. This previous experience gives credibility to their blogs. Too many blogs have a name in combination with descriptive words.

If you think about starting a beauty company, then use a name related to beauty in our blog name generator. Then try to come up with the best name.